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Vegan Leather Picnic Rug // taormina | sky + kingfisher

Vegan Leather Picnic Rug // taormina | sky + kingfisher

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Our famous collection of picnic ware is set to be joined by our luxe picnic rug, privv. Made of vegan leather, not only is privv waterproof and easily cleaned with a damp cloth, it’s also double-sided and reversible! Complete with a handy hanging strap, privv is the ultimate rug to take your picnic or outdoor event to  the next level of luxe!

Key Features include:

- vegan leather picnic rug
- waterproof
- double sided
- square picnic rug | 135cm x 135cm  
- reversible
- hanging strap for airing/drying
- wipeable with water
- perfect for everyday living, gifting & entertaining
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